Posted on Oct 17, 2018

Open Cell Foam Insulation

Open cell foam is usually light and soft, with an R-value of R4 per inch of thickness that expands to 100
times its volume during installation. its rapid ability to expand ensures that the foam reaches deep into
all of the cracks, crevices and voids in your walls, behind your electrical boxes, and within your roofing
system. Open cell foam provides a great amount of air barrier, and therefore blocks over 90% of air
borne water (i.e., water vapor), and is especially well suited for new construction. Again due to the fact
that its pliable and easy to work with, open cell foam can twist and deform with structural components
as they dry out over time, hence not sacrificing any of its insulating ability. With open-cell foam, the tiny cells of the foam are not completely closed. They are broken and air fills
the “open” space inside the material. This makes the foam weaker or softer than the closed-cell foam.
Remember that the choice of foam can also be based on other requirements as well. Call your local insulation company Annapolis ,
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